Sunday, July 30, 2017

MARYLAND ART RETREAT 2017 - a reset for my soul.

I have been blessed in my lifetime to meet some amazing people.  None more endearing than those that have become friends over creating beautiful art.  Now, you must understand that in my world, art means anything from the heart that manifest visually, a card, a journal, a painted canvas.  Last January, I reached out to a YouTuber who was planning a gathering of artsy people from around the globe and I wanted to go.  SO unlike me to  ask to join anything, but I did it. Along with my friend Lesley W., in January, off I went. Once it was over, I could not wait to go again.

Last week was trip number 2.  Lesley was not able to attend, so I grabbed my pARTner in crime, Vicki F. and headed to Baltimore. There I joined 26 other creative women and one extremely supportive husband (Minkey 5 you are so blessed) for 4 glorious days of classes, laughter, food and blessings.

Take a look at some of the things we created:

Andrea Mercier came from Ontario to teach her acrylic pouring technique.  Check out her YouTube Channel at Andrea Mercier.  This was crazy popular with the ladies. Next up was the mermaid canvas with Zandra C. aka Scraps To Beauty on YouTube,  What a sweet and generous girl she is.  Last in line here is a multi-layer card ala Minky 5 who with her hubs make 2 of my 3 favorite Brits.  She is not currently on line, but when she is, I will share where to find her.   We also took classes in Zentangle, and Metal embossing (Kathy and Gayla did a great job with the metal work). our great finale was Donna W and her be Change movement, we felted, worked on a collab and bonded with each other.

I would love to show you all of the goodies I hauled from these generous people, but my desk is covered in goodies as I put them away, so I hope you will wait to see the creations that comes out of those yummy papers and embellishments.

Until next time, be blessed, I am.

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